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Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Criminal Defence, Laws |

Silly laws that still exist

Silly laws that still exist

Some old laws in the past life were very reasonable but today they may sound very silly. Still they are not erased from legal books and they may confuse us in some cases.

In California, you will be punished if you kill a butterfly or threaten him. In place of the Pacific Groove, are initiated legal proceedings which ended in favor of the injured bugs? Let it be on your mind the next time you look at the breadth of this insect.

In Michigan is illegal to have sex with pigs, cows, horses and other animals. West Virginia allows intercourse with animals, but only if they are lighter than 20 pounds. In Lebanon has allowed sex with animals, but only with females – sexual intercourse with a male is punishable by death.

IMG_6371Guam, an island in the Pacific, forbids women to marry if they are virgins. You can find more enter on this link. Therefore, there is a special interest that solves this problem – men who travel the country in purpose to take of virginity of girls, and for when the work is done they always get paid. When the concerned retires, it is not known.

The Chinese regime, known by restrictive laws passed in 2007 a provision pushed the limits of understanding of the law. The Tibetan clergy is prohibited reincarnation without permission of the authorities. So, “the law is the same for all” in China is taken literally.

In Serbia, little country from Europe, where Novak Djokovic comes, and driving car in your sandals are legally forbidden and you can pay a high fee because of that. So be careful when driving your car by summer. And driving speed in town is limited on 50 km per hour which is practically impossible with brand new car.
You should definitely pay attention on laws of some country especially if you are a tourist.