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Formal Vs. Informal Personal Injury Settlements

Posted by on Mar 24, 2016 in Personal Injury |

The definition of personal injury in the state of Texas is quite wide in terms of the types of accidents that are covered and, sometimes, it can be difficult to know what qualifies and what does not.

However, for any accident that is classified under personal injury, such as car accidents and medical malpractice, the victims are entitled to compensation if they can prove that the accident was caused by the carelessness or negligence of a third party and that they suffered enough to deserve the compensation.

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The work of  law firms is to prove this and help the victims collect the compensation that they deserve. This can be done in two ways as explained below:

  • Informal personal injury settlements – in many personal injury cases, the defendants accused of causing the injury, or their insurers, are usually quick to realize the depth of their predicaments and will want to settle the matter before it is taken to court. If you are searching more continue reading on this link. Naturally, this is the most expeditious solution to the problem for the victims as well and therefore every personal injury lawyer worth his or her salt will first explore this option before considering any others. However, there is always the risk that the defendants might try to convince the victims to accept settlements that are much lower than what they actually deserve to get so it is best to let a professional attorney handle this on your behalf.
  • Formal personal injury settlements – in the event that the defendants are unwilling to negotiate and informal settlement or an acceptable agreement cannot be reached, the next course of action is usually to seek compensation formally through the courts. This process involves filing a civil lawsuit suing the people responsible for the accident for compensation commensurate to the injuries suffered. Although this option is usually more time consuming and relatively expensive, it has its own benefits in that settlement amounts reached through the courts are almost always higher than the informal settlements.
It should be noted that sometimes personal injury attorneys may use techniques that border between the two options above to resolve a compensation claim. Arbitration and mediation are two such options that can be used by a good Houston personal injury lawyer to help you get your due compensation.

Top Tips for Divorcing Couples in the US

Posted by on Feb 15, 2016 in Divorce |

If you are married, live in the US and are seriously thinking about getting a divorce, knowing everything you can about the entire divorce process is important if it is to go smoothly.

It is not uncommon, for example, to hear of married couples who seek divorce as a way to ease their minds and reclaim their lives only to end up in a worse situation than they were before.

So, in order to help you go through a smooth divorce process and get back control of your life within the shortest time, here is a list of some of the main aspects related to divorce and tips on how to make them work to your advantage:

  • The state of your relationship- ask yourself these questions: are you on speaking terms with your spouse? Do you think you and your spouse can sit down and agree on important things? The answers to these questions will in the end determine whether or not you will be able to have an amicable divorce process. Click here for my source. If, for instance, you are on good speaking terms with your spouse and you feel that the two of you can still see eye to eye on important issues then you could consider getting a single divorce lawyer instead of separate lawyers. Not only will that save you money in terms of legal fees but will also help you get through the process that much faster.
  • Shared children- any children shared between divorcing couples will always complicate matters since there are many decisions that will have to be made according to the interests of the children and not according to the interests of the divorcing parents.
  • Finances- divorce proceedings, if not well planned and executed, can easily turn into very expensive affairs that could drain you financially both in the short and in the long run. Make sure that you can handle the financial impact of divorce before getting into it. This starts right from deciding on the divorce lawyer that you hire. It is in your interest to find out how much the entire process will cost you financially and then take deliberate steps to identify divorce lawyers whose services you can comfortably afford.
  • Your privacy- improperly handled divorce proceedings could easily become messy and lead to public scrutiny of your private life. Generally speaking, negotiated divorces are usually less messy and more private compared to court contested divorces.

Practice of law in United States

Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Criminal Defence |

Like all the countries around the world, United States have its own set of rules when practice of law is considered. In its most common beliefs, it is all about providing clients with legal suggestions, organizing legal papers and of course representing clients in court. However, some of the clients use other means when practice of law is in order and they use agents as their representatives.

The agents can engage in dealing with several fields of study, including: real estate, accounting, banking and insurance issues.

lsWith the progress of technology, many of the clients use so called legal document assistants where they can trough series of asked questions draft their own legal document. In some way technology is taking away business from lawyers. In the United States, practice of law is related to registration to the bar of specific state. The ABA and ALI are the one of organizations that defend interests of attorneys, as well as professional work conducting and ethics.

180sIt is very important that every lawyer for the sake of his future engagement be accepted to the American Bar Association. Admission to the Bar represent that every lawyer has to gain permission to practice the law in that state. Each US state has its own set of rules for bar admission and every admitted member is the part of the bar. For every member who intends to apply for membership of the bar has to gain Juris Doctor degree from law school then later pass the bar exam. Background check of every member is included as well. Their personality and fitness will be evaluated too.

Lawyer, who once is admitted in bar has the right to practice law only in that state where he took the exam. Some states have mutual agreement and they allow lawyer from other countries to practice the law in their state without taking another full bar exam. To know more about this topic visit my sources.

The first bar exam took place in 1763. by Delaware Colony and he was in form of oral exam in front of the judge.

Perusing career in administrative law

Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Criminal Defence, Administrative law |

Administrative law is the part of the law that regulates the work of administrative agencies of government. Career in this area caries many possibilities from evaluating the government work to observing and assessing. The position of administrative law offers great possibilities to law graduates and they work is very significant in the society. They interpret the statute, which sometimes can be vague and they are transforming it into specific set of rules and determine how original constitution will affect individuals. Criminal defense lawyer portland  often hire administrative lawyers.
This area of expertise is especially appealing to young lawyers, because they have big branch of issues to investigate. If you are interested find out more. Those who write agency regulations can call themselves administrative lawyers, but they also have other roles like analyzing, commenting on proposed rule, making prosecution, defending or adjusting.

Writing of regulations can be challenging work and its related to administrative law. There are thousands of rules issued by the federal, state and local agencies and all these rules are written with the help of administrative lawyers working in the agency. The type of layer who seeks career in this branch must have exceptional drafting abilities.

Administrative lawyers can also give legal advices to agency staff and experts and provide them legal help in the mater of ensuring the proposed rule to be lawful, logical and correct. And this is the entering point for every lawyer.

Private law firm often hire lawyers with administrative experience, they usually have obligations to maintain relationship with an administrative agency. Many administrative law lawyer navigate their career between public and private sector and they are focused in one specific area of expertise.
imagesAdvocacy organization, also known as a NGOs or nongovernmental organization hire administrative lawyers, to train them for future engagement for the agency in which they will be working for and for the future role in which they will be able to improve work and the function of the agency.

At the end lawyers can get into the lobbing or direct support roles for the lobbing or advocacy organizations and they are the one who prepare the data for the congressional and legal presentations.

Silly laws that still exist

Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Criminal Defence, Laws |

Some old laws in the past life were very reasonable but today they may sound very silly. Still they are not erased from legal books and they may confuse us in some cases.

In California, you will be punished if you kill a butterfly or threaten him. In place of the Pacific Groove, are initiated legal proceedings which ended in favor of the injured bugs? Let it be on your mind the next time you look at the breadth of this insect.

In Michigan is illegal to have sex with pigs, cows, horses and other animals. West Virginia allows intercourse with animals, but only if they are lighter than 20 pounds. In Lebanon has allowed sex with animals, but only with females – sexual intercourse with a male is punishable by death.

IMG_6371Guam, an island in the Pacific, forbids women to marry if they are virgins. You can find more enter on this link. Therefore, there is a special interest that solves this problem – men who travel the country in purpose to take of virginity of girls, and for when the work is done they always get paid. When the concerned retires, it is not known.

The Chinese regime, known by restrictive laws passed in 2007 a provision pushed the limits of understanding of the law. The Tibetan clergy is prohibited reincarnation without permission of the authorities. So, “the law is the same for all” in China is taken literally.

In Serbia, little country from Europe, where Novak Djokovic comes, and driving car in your sandals are legally forbidden and you can pay a high fee because of that. So be careful when driving your car by summer. And driving speed in town is limited on 50 km per hour which is practically impossible with brand new car.
You should definitely pay attention on laws of some country especially if you are a tourist.